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    International Trade
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    8. International Trade

    United & Way Law Firm has been extensively engaged in international trade remedy cases, WTO disputes settlement, trade negotiations, customs clearance, and import/ export businesses due to our accurate grasp of the globalization trend; familiarity of the international trade law system, comprehensive understanding of the laws of China and its major trading partners have enabled us to provide the best solutions for our clients who are interested in the international market.

    Our services include:

    Ø  Import /export contract negotiation and drafting

    Ø  Credit card / telegraphic transfer

    Ø  Processing quality disputes

    Ø  Processing bill of lading disputes

    Ø  Representing industrial interests of enterprises to the relevant governmental authorities

    Ø  Customs clearance and import/export businesses

    Successful Case

    International trade dispute settlement Chamber of Commerce in Santiago, Chile

    Consulate General of Chile

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