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    Foreign Employment and Collective Negotiation
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    9. Foreign Employment and Collective Negotiation

    We regularly provide comprehensive legal services related to labor and employment in multinational companies, financial institutions, large companies and trade organizations.

    Our services include:

    Ø  Establishment and termination of employment relationships

    Ø  Formulation and implementation of company rules and regulations

    Ø  Determination of employee transfer plans and strategies in M&A transactions

    Ø  Labor & employment law compliance audits

    Ø  Crisis public relations and management in case of labor-management conflicts

    Ø  Labor dispute resolution

    Ø  Non-disclosure of trade secret and Non-competition

    Successful Case

    BP Industrial lubricants Company

    Guangzhou Itochu Corporation

     Mitsubishi Pharma (Guangzhou) Corporation

    Taiwan Yong Honglun International Ltd.


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