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    Name:Liang Juxian
    License NO:14401201010985589
    Language Skills:Mandarin,Cantonese
    Professional Experience

    Professional Experience:

    2006—2008, a real estate development company in Zengcheng

    2008—2010, Guangdong Hengsheng Law Firm

    2011.02 till now United & Way Law Firm


    Main Cases:

    Lawyer Liang has ever acted as a legal department leader in Zengcheng Huichuang Industrial Company, provided legal services to the whole process of the development, construction, sales and property management of Xintang International Trade Center project. During the period of been a full-time lawyer, Lawyer Liang were responsible for many house sales contract disputes, house leasing disputes, house ownership disputes, property management disputes, real estate demolition disputes, construction disputes, land contract disputes, marriage and family property disputes, infringement disputes, labor disputes and other various kinds of litigation cases, and he also handled many non-litigation cases, such as acted as the legal counsel of real estate sales, the annual legal counsel of real estate enterprises, the special legal counsel of construction project, legal counsel of project purchase. He could prevent and control the legal risks effectively during the process of real estate development, construction, the sales of new house, investment attraction, the sales and transfer ownership of second-hand house, mortgage and loan, the house demolition and compensation.


    Main Real Estate Projects:

    l  Annual legal counsel of Guangzhou Asian Games City

    l  Legal counsel of Guangdong Zhongnan Construction Property Management Development Company

    l  Legal counsel of Guangdong Huakun Industrial Investment Company



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